Electronic Books Available at the Buda Library!

The Buda Public Library’s patrons have always had access to e-books through NetLibrary, but now it’s much easier to see what’s available! When you search for items in our catalog, it displays the items that are physically at the Library and ones that you can access through NetLibrary.

NetLibrary is a service provided though the TexShare databases. It provides access to over 28,000 electronic books, also known as e-books. E-books are electronic versions of printed books and can be accessed through any internet-capable computer. These books cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from accounting (117 results) to gardening (29 results) to mystery books (134 results) to fantasy books (134 results) and many, many more.

To access this resource, go to www.budalibrary.org and click the “My Account” link to sign into your library account. Once signed in, you can access NetLibrary through the TexShare databases. In NetLibrary, you can search the entire texts of the books or search by keywords, titles, authors, or subjects. Once you find a book that looks useful, click the “View this eBook” link under the book’s description to access it. Once the e-book is displayed, you can look through it page by page or use the table of contents on the left.

There are many useful tools built into NetLibrary, so play around with it to get familiar! Please call the Library if you need any assistance or would like more specific directions at 512-295-5899 or e-mail us at librarian@budalibrary.org .


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