Career Cruising

Looking for a new job? Not sure what career to look into? Starting college soon? Then we have a great new database for you!

career cruising

Career Cruising is an online career and education guidance system. Research colleges, write a resume or explore careers.

In Career Cruising, you can take tests to tell you what professions your interests and skills make you well-suited for. There is also a test that helps you understand your preferred learning style and suggests study habits that fit that style.

The Employment section of Career Cruising has an amazing amount of information for job-seekers. In addition to a resume builder, there are also in-depth guides to performing a job search, letter writing, interviews, job offers and what to do once you have the job.

The Education section gives upcoming college students many ways to learn about their potential schools. You can search for schools in a number of ways, including geographically, by degrees offered and more. It can also compare several schools in a number of areas and suggest a timeline for getting ready to enter college that can start as early as 8th grade. There’s also information on financial aid.

To use Career Cruising, just sign in to the library catalog. Scroll down and select “Career Cruising” from the list of resources. Once there, create a unique user account and get started!


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