Printing at the Library

If you print from the public computers, please read this!

We offer printing and copying services at the library and are happy to do so. We’ve recently upgraded our copier and are currently working out the kinks. Instead of printing to the printers in the circulation area, the public computers now print to the copier. If you need to print in color or print on a different type of paper, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help you.

Soon, we will add a coin-op machine to the printer so you’ll be able to make your copies and pay for them all at your own pace. Once the coin-op machine is added, papers will not print until they are paid for. Since the library will be charged for every page printed, we will not be able to offer refunds for misprinted pages. If you think your print may have an unnecessary pages, you can check by using the “Print Preview” function. We’ll be glad to show you this function.

We will still be able to take payments at the front desk, but you’ll be able to pay for your prints at the copier with either coins or cash. As soon as we know how that’s going to work, we’ll let everyone know.



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