January 4, 2011



Booklist Online, our new subscription review database, is now easier than ever to access. Simply go to Budalibrary.org

Log in to your library account using your library card and phone #

Scroll down, and click on  Booklist

Click through security warning

Finally, click to enter Booklist Online.

Booklist contains thousands of reviews of books, audios, and videos. They also offer ‘read alike’ suggestions if you want a book that’s similar to a great one that you just finished. Check out this resource, and let us know what you think.

Happy reading!


Free Reviews Now Available!

October 11, 2010

Your search for the next fun read just got easier with Buda Public Library’s new review database; Booklist Online.  So what is Booklist Online?  Published and frequently updated by the American Library Association, Booklist contains over 120,000 book, audio, and video reviews for all ages.  Booklist even offers read-alike suggestions based on your favorites. Booklist’s dedicated staff will help you find the perfect book for your next read.

If you’re in the library, simply go to booklistonline.com to start your search.

If you would like to access Booklist Online from your home computer follow these steps.

1. Go to booklistonline.com on any computer in the Buda Public Library.

2. Click “My Profile” located in the upper right portion of page.

3.  Create a username and password in “My Profile”.

4.  Now you’re ready to browse from home.

5.  At home, go to booklistonline.com.

6.  Enter your username and password.

7. Begin your search by entering either a title, author, keyword or subject.

Let us know if you have any questions, or come by the library for a one-on-one demonstration.